As the Data to Decisions CRC comes to an end, we take forward the Integrated Law Enforcement technologies within NQRY.

The post in this link talks about the D2D CRC’s Integrated Law Enforcement (ILE) team continuing on with NQRY™:

While today we close the doors to D2D CRC, we’re proud that our legacy will live on through two spinout companies! NQRY has created software to help law enforcement and anti-fraud investigators. Read more here:

An excerpt from the link in this post talks about NQRY further:

South Australian start-up NQRY has created software to help law enforcement and anti-fraud investigators streamline their case management process, making information about a case easily accessible and saving countless hours.

NQRY was formed through a collaboration between Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre, law enforcement agencies and various research organisations. The CRC’s Integrated Law Enforcement research and development program focused on building leading edge tools for law enforcement agencies to better manage their investigative processes and handle increasing volumes of data.

Law enforcement investigations generate hundreds to thousands of documents including witness statements, warrants, lawful telephone intercepts, exhibits and intelligence reports. It is challenging to collate and sift through that mass of information to find what is relevant and what is admissible.

Simon Langsford, Chief Executive Officer of NQRY said:

“Developing NQRY’s tools in collaboration with Australian law enforcement investigators has resulted in intuitive software solutions developed from the ground up to meet the evolving needs of the investigator.”

The D2D CRC has been a five-year CRC which winds up on 30 June 2019.

D2D CRC CEO, Dr Sanjay Mazumdar said:

“We wish Simon and the NQRY team the very best as they continue to pursue opportunities. NQRY is an important part of the D2D CRC legacy and we are very proud and excited to see what is next for them.”

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