CaseWalls™ is a digital record management system centred around cases, investigations and information gathering - which prioritises intuitive, user-centric design and ease of adoption by new users. CaseWalls™ was developed from the outset in close collaboration with investigators and analysts - to assist agencies in the gathering of information from a range of sources and file types, to assist in the management and tasking of personnel, improve documentation of case decisions and outcomes, and organise evidence for prosecutions.

With intended use by public safety agencies, the software design facilitates secure information sharing within teams working across cases. CaseWalls™ enables users to collect and curate information faster than conventional and legacy processes and systems, while also providing users with powerful search and discovery functions and efficient, tailorable visualisations.

Investigators have become accustomed to simple and intuitive, yet powerful user experiences through modern day search engines and social media platforms. CaseWalls™ is focused on providing the same level of user experience so that investigators feel comfortable and familiar with the software.


Digital Brief Creation

Exportable digital briefs can be generated quickly and easily based on investigation content that has been tagged for a brief. This efficiency speeds up the process of conviction. CaseWalls™ also provides support for disclosure management.

Improved Search & Discovery

By using a centralised portal, CaseWalls™ provides easy search and discovery functionality which is streamlined and efficient, ensuring any information is not overlooked.

Focused Investigations

CaseWalls™ allows investigators to pursue lines of enquiry that are tied to obtaining relevant evidence on the offence and person of interest they are relevant to.



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